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Our Staff

Diane Green Salley - Interim Preschool Director

Hilda Cordova - Teacher

Ms. Hilda has been in the field for 17 years and holds a teacher permit through the CTC.  She enjoys
teaching the children new things every day and is proud when they accomplish new goals set for them. 
She has 3 adult children and 1 teenager.  Hilda has been with Trinity for four years and gives the
younger children the love and nurturing they need while at school.

Maria Rivera - Teacher
Ms. Maria has been in the field for 24 years and holds an associate teacher permit through the CTC. She enjoys working with children and loves to see each one of them learn and accomplish goals.  She has 3 adult children and a granddaughter.  Family is very important to her. Maria has been with Trinity for a little over a year and prepares the children for a successful send off into kindergarten.

Linda Apmadoc - Chapel Teacher
We look forward to all future families becoming part of Trinity Episcopal Preschool!

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Pictured from left to right: Linda Apmadoc (Chapel Teacher), Father Bill Dunn (Trinity Priest in Charge), and Diane Green Salley (Interim Director) joyfully prepare for Wednesday Chapel.

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